About MEEMCO Environment


MEEMCO Group Companies:


  • MEEMCO Engineering
  • MEEMCO Mine & Metals
  • MEEMCO Cement & Lime
  • MEEMCO Environment
  • MEEMCO Hospitality & Food Services

MEEMCO Environment as a critical division in MEEMCO Group is aimed to put the vast resources of knowledge & experience – our human capital – to work for our customers in the industries dealing with environmental issues. The management team consists of engineers, managers and directors of relevant industries in order to provide a one stop station for Middle Eastern industries and in specific Iran.

MEEMCO Environment has sister companies and partners in UAE, Oman, Jordan and Turkey. Founders of the company are experts with years of experience and loads of expertise in variety of engineering and management fields. The company main focus is to provide efficient and cost effective solutions including equipment and engineering management to the Middle Eastern heavy industry including energy, mine and metals and cement and down-stream industries.

MEEMCO Environment vision is to be the first point of contact and a reliable source in the Middle East for

  • Technical Supply Management
  • Project Management
  • Project development

in the following fields

  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • De-dusting & Gas Filtration
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Recycling & Incineration

MEEMCO Core Values

Customer Care/Focus: We believe that create value for the customer will create value for the company. So our services are independent of time and place. We have 24/7 stand by staff which provide effective solutions to clients problems through services of the greatest value, exceeding the customer’s expectation for quality and support. Our achievement on the response is customer delight which customers feel from positive interaction with our people and our solutions and services.

Quality: Provide high value and performance in our products, processes and services.

Sense of Urgency: Demonstrate high accuracy while speed up the processes. Our 24/7 services distinguish us from other companies.

Innovation: Challenge conventional wisdom, exploring new ideas and daring to be the first to create new value for the customer. We employ the brightest people and believe that each employee could make a difference.

Predictability: By adhering to project management and quality assurance standards.

Openness: Today, information is meant to move and it moves people as well. So we are fearless of collaboration and exchange of ideas and information throughout of ways which are clear, consistent and credible.

Integrity: Choose to stride with courage and character, trust, honesty, professionalism and ethical behavior that is never compromised. We believe

Teamwork: Is the heart of our company. We believe together everybody achieves more.


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