MEEMCO signs an MoU with Ofogh Tamin Water Treatment (OTWT) company

January 6, 2016
MEEMCO has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ofogh Tamin Water Treatment Co. (OTWT) to have mutual cooperation in water and waste water treatment projects in Iran. OTWT is a subsidiary company of Shasta Energy Holding. MEEMCO, will provide, based on agreements and scope of each contract with OTWT, any engineering and design, consultation, […]

West Karun Oil Field Is Shut Down

May 17, 2015
Following the legal complaints of the Khuzestan Province DOE, the oil company was shut down yesterday. (Iran’s Environment News Agency) – Ahmad Reza Lahijan Zadeh, the DOE Director General of Khuzestan Province said that the West Karun oil field is one of the fields in the Hoor-al-Azim wetland, and said, “The company in charge of […]

UN says it’s ready to set up environmental database in Iran

February 12, 2015
SOE reporting can be used in making the country’s macro policies on management of environmental resources, adding it can be also of use in moving toward a green economy. (Iran’s Environment News Agency) – A workshop for the State of Environment (SOE) was held in Tehran with Mahnaz Mazaheri-Assadi, a vice-president of the Environmental Protection […]